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His life meaning and lyrics

This song is about Jesus and the life he lived here on earth, and the life he lives in all of us...
You didnt give up, when the going got tough. You just stood there and took the beatings. You could have snapped your fingers, and the wrong would turn right, but you didnt to set us free. You could have done, whetever you wanted. Your perfection lighted up the dark. Moving mountains, making rain or snow, is nothing too hard for you...
Jesus you live in me. Lord you are my friend. Father of all this world, how can I ever hold your hand? I know to do, what is right now. I know not to walk in the shadows. I know you are here even now as Im writing. I know you love me more than I love you...
You mercy has been set upon me. I am free of the evil I have done. Lord I thank you for the blessings, that you have given to me. Thank you for everything, thank you for being more than enough. Thank you lord for this world. I thank you for making me this way...
Jesus you live in me. Jesus youre my friend

One of our christian songs