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Happy Monday
Fan quotes


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Stuff said to us at RNR HS '04

Stuff said to us...
Jake- "John rox their sox"
Jeremy-"I was suprised, the first song wasnt what I was expecting, but I gotta give it to you"
Dame ho-"You guys rock man, for a first show it was awesome. Keep up the good work"
Mongo-"Awesome first show"
Jeska-"PLAY THE OPPA SONG" & "We dont have Greg the grass grower here!"
Nigel-"Good job guys, you did well" & "Did you kick your bass players ass?"
Gordon-"I liked everything except the La La song"
Johns Dad-"I was suprised, you put on a good show"
Derek-"We hate Happy Monday" & "Shes her own woman"
Dan-"Good show guys" & "Youre not allowed cussing here"
Seth-"That was sweet, when are you playin again?"

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