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The 30 year old freshman (in high school)

Greg is the man that is the band...he decides what gets played, and what doesnt...actually no he doesnt decide anything, but it sounded good!
Greg is a 14 (30) year old Freshman at Mansfield Sr. High School...he enjoys it very much! Yeah right, he is more dedicated to the band...or Amanda than school. It seems to be the least of his worries. GOOD MAN! Greg enjoys long walks on the beach and running naked in the snow.
Naked snow story...
We all went sledding at some gay elementary school in Mansfield one night over Christmas vacation, and we decided to go to Katies cribizzle to hang out...we decided to not only hang out...but hang out with our wang out. And rock out with our cock out! We got naked and ran around the block, well actually, we all are pretty gay, so we kept our boxers on, but other than that it was all good! Sean Blood, John Neumann, and me all did this stupid stunt.

30 Year old freshman from hell