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The man behind the mic...

Uh, this is John. I am fulfilling Kris' stupid idea to glout about myself on the site. SWEET! Umm...what to talk about?  I guess I should tell you how it all started...I was born April 23, 1988 in a small town called Mansfield in the boring state called OHIO?! I enjoy my youthful life and I really like to hang out with my friends and my band.
Old bands...
I have been a member of many different groups. I am happy now though, because I used to be confined to the drumset. With Seventh Day, BOYZ, RRRR, CodysBent, A Beautiful Monstrosity, and DODO...I was the stylish drummer. Now I have decided that if I want a good singer, I am gonna have to do it myself. Kris helps, but I do most of it. I also write all the nice songs we play, so I guess you could call me the "front man"...but I dont act like an ass... (Danny) I am a nice singer, songwriter, artist, very sexy man beast!
Lynelle... the question of "who is this new girl?"...I really dont know. This is what I have gathered...
1.)She would enjoy showering with me!
2.)She wants me to kiss her...Wednesdays
3.)She very much enjoys being kissed on the neck
4.)She is Italian
5.)She is a St. Petes cheerleader! (+)
6.)Shes exotically hot
and thats about I said I really dont know her! I will though!
Ok...thats about all I want you to know...
Check out my great lyrics !!!

Hey little girl look what you do
Oh I love you
Little girl I love you

Electrical Socket 1

Plug it in, plug it in

Laura seems to think John has no pimp juice! THIS IS BULLSHIT!
Luv ya...

Lynelle + John = LOVE