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New Projects



February 20, 2004- We would like to welcome our new drummer, Alex Gabor to the group. Welcome AL
February 24, 2004- happYMonday takes on their new studio to record Coffeehouse Confessions. The first full length happYMonday album...set to be released in March, 2004.
February 27, 2004- John headed into the studio last night to record all of the guitar tracks for Coffeehouse Confessions...he also wrote a song about his X, so it will also be on the album. Along with the first 100 CD's sold, we are giving the happYMonday summer tour prep is a compilation of all the footage from past shows. Its what the promoters had to see to give us shows!
New happYMonday practice facility is almost done! We will be putting the finishing touches on the room by March. We still have to put a gas log fireplace in, finish the floor, tile the fireplace, and soundproof some areas

Happy Monday