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Black Magic Studios


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Mixing Console

These are some photos taken in the studio happYMonday is going to record in. It is the Black Magic Studio A...right now the studio is based in Mansfield OH. However, by 2007 the Black Magic Company will be moving both their studio, and their offices to L.A California. A studio will also be opened in Miami Florida by 2009...we are very happy to be with BME...and we encourage you all to check them out!

Studio Amps

New Effects Rack

Black Magic Entertainment runs one of the most state-of-the art studios between New York and LA. They have the largest amount of equipment, some not even pictured here. Along with the awesome junk they have in these photos, they also have an editing room, a production room, and their offices. We are very excited to be with the label, recording by ourselves is also awesome!

Digital Recording Rack