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Me and you

Me and You

The sky is too far away, to see anything, that matters to you. My life is too far gone to ask you for help, to tell you the truth. What is wrong with persacuting everyone you know? Why are still asking questions, when Im not your friend or foe....
I am dead this is true...But there is no me without...You are far from life, up in the dreams are too far above my head...
Whats wrong with asking questions, who told not to? I never said your life will end tomorrow. Your family is crying, Im on the outside of your window, and I can see you were loved by more than me. Why does it have to end on such broken terms, I am sorry If anything I said made you go this far. I hate life without you, but Im not going to do what  I know is not right.
I am dead this is true...Because there is no me without you...You are far from life up in the sky...and my dreams have died tonight...