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If I

If I

If I were to die tonight, would you love me tomorrow? If I lost a bloody fight, would you feel my pain and sorrow? If I never saw you again, would you love me like yesterday? If I am hurt or on the ground, are you in pain?
If I were to run away, would you look for me all of every day? If I were to make you blue, would the sky turn a darker gray? Are you here to stay with me, will you ever leave from by my side? Do you want to kiss me here, or should we go outside?
I hate not seeing you...every day! I hate being without more than one way! You are here, but you are live, but you are dead! You speak only when you're allowed...and you have blood coming from your head...
Im so sorry...if I were God things would be different. You wouldnt have to die this painful day...